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Native Wicks Platinum Plus Vape Cotton

Native Wicks presents their Platinum Plus Vape Cotton! This is their engineered formula of their award winning Platinum Blend line. Platinum Plus increases performance in all atomizers with the correct balance of fiber frequency and density. This cotton wicks more consistently, delivers better flavor, and lasts longer than other cotton wicking material on the market. Each pack contains 10g of Platinum Plus Cotton.


Native wicks Platinum blend 

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is premium cotton grown and processed in the USA specifically for vaping. This Supima quality cotton contains no pesticides, chemicals, or natural oils found in most other brands of cotton not intended for vaping use. Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton is dense, fluffy, and extremely absorbent and heat resistant, making it our absolute favorite wicking material for vaping.

Each package of Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton comes with 48” of high quality Supima cotton in a resealable plastic bag.